Arizona Cast Turbine


ACT is a new facility built on the site of a prior aerospace investment casting facility in Mesa. The prior permitting on this site allowed us to commence operations within nine months, from groundbreaking to production.

Shell Room

ACT has built a state-of-the-art clean room shell system capable of producing over 175 molds per day. This includes the latest ABB robotics, 69” rainfall sanders, 250 gallon slurry tanks and 300 gallon fluidized beds. Due to the dry climate in Arizona, we utilize a custom system that introduces humidity without heavy moisture, allowing for a more robust shell without fatigue points that would occur from other standard industry misting systems. Also included is a manual shell line to expedite first article trials through production. Geometry can go as large as 24”x36” with our automated system. Our facility includes plenty of burnout capacity, which includes two Autoclaves as well as four burnout furnaces.


ACT is capable of pouring up to 250Lbs air melt through a variety of methods. There are three rollovers that can pour up to 150Lbs, including a brand new 2015 Ajax Servo unit with a 250Kw power supply. Each rollover has a dedicated power supply with a minimum of 125Kw. To add to our pour capacity, we installed a 250Lb tilt furnace for the larger IGT nozzle components.

We have also installed a 300Lb 2015 Consarc Vacuum with a 300Kw power supply. This vacuum has redundant backup systems to reduce down time as well as a state-of-the-art control.

Post Foundry

Two Kolene leach systems are available at ACT for quick removal of some of the most challenging cored castings. We purchased a brand new AW Bell multi access cutoff saw, which allows for X,Y&Z axis plus blade tilt and 360° mold rotation as well as 120° X mold travel.


ACT has a new FPI system as well as airflow, weld, CMM and X-ray for all NDT needs. We also have base line machining capability available for trailing edge removal, as well as gate removal.

Shell RoomFoundryNDT